We use organic growth to drive value creation


At Mavenray, we believe there’s significant untapped organic growth potential within most mid-market Private Equity portfolio companies. As a strategic marketing partner, we help uplevel capabilities that are laser-focused on building value quickly and effectively.


Top Line

The primary goal here is to target and engage high-intent audiences, driving demand that leads to a stronger pipeline.


Once the mechanics of demand-generation and lead-generation are worked out, then scale can more easily be applied. Marketing insights help to chart inroads with new audiences.


It can be challenging to track ROI directly to marketing. But optimizing costs and performance will lead to drastically improved margins.


Longer sales cycles means a more complex value proposition. Digital is used more selectively as audiences become more segmented and market penetration grows.

Where Mavenray fits

“One of our portfolio companies was struggling to generate leads for one of its product lines. In a matter of weeks, Mavenray was able to help us tap into alternative strategies that we didn’t realize were even possible.”



Greg Mayer
Principal, Argosy Capital


Your ideal partner

Most portfolio companies have resources in place that are servicing requests. When Mavenray gets involved – the strategic, revenue-driven approach becomes evident day one.

VCPs and Playbooks


You can get more prescriptive with portfolio companies that need more handholding with GTM. This is particularly helpful in small and mid cap B2B.

Interim Leadership


We are here to work alongside sponsors and closely with founders. This can take a more advisory posture, or a full-fledged fractional CMO role. This ebbs and flows depending on stage of growth as well.

Outsourced Services


What we’re built to do is actually execute highly specialized strategic and digital marketing services that have proven to more effectively get results.

Accelerating Value Creation 



Y1:  Optimize efficiency while redirecting budget into digital




Hard to find talent in mid-market. Explore opportunities to consolidate here until a new foundation is set in y1.


Consolidate vendors. Improve efficiencies. Drop rates. Prioritize more intentional strategy-centric work over high-burn/low-return work.


Simplify tech stack. Cut licenses. Optimize process. Work on Sales and Marketing alignment. Prioritize insights over automation for now. 


Allocate larger % of budget to higher-performing digital ad spend as pipeline shows a return. Exponentially amplify other channels, like events.


Lead quality increases as targeted campaigns use data/insights to focus on high-intent audiences.


Higher quality leads will start to close. This will progressively compound YoY.

Outsourced Services

The bulk of what we do involves high-caliber execution of campaigns that drive engagement and ultimately pipeline.



We establish new metrics that hold marketing accountable, more directly roll up to revenue, and use as the platform for incremental strategic planning over the engagement.



This needs to be simplified, optimized, and executed with precision. Too many businesses over-invest here and lose their way on ROI.



Account based marketing. This is often a cost-effective, high-impact solution in many situations in B2B. We build, launch, and manage these campaigns.

Sales Enablement


Smarter tools and techniques for sales teams to engage and close. From assets that nurture interest through a buyers journey to pitch decks and proposals.



We help to simplify MarTech stacks, apply selective automation, and work to more fluidly integrate marketing insights and RevOps. In most cases however, simpler is better here.

Lead & Demand Generation


This is a combination of ongoing optimization, planning, and content creation, across paid and organic channels, as well as email and SEO.


Healthcare, Life Sciences

Healthcare in particular is at a crossroads. It’s going through a major transition as digital takes root and legacy models and processes begin to dissolve. Mavenray can help define a go-to-market at the outset that helps elevate the brand’s position in market while more effectively reaching, engaging and growing their audience.

Tech, SaaS

With the Tech Sector, we commonly see a tighter connection between product and marketing. User and consumer insights inform not only marketing campaigns, but product design, releases, customer experience, and more. Mavenray helps to assure insights are universal, establish a common language, and always point back to growth.


The Industrial Sector is probably the most tried and true from a growth marketing perspective. Products and services are often more commoditized, while buyers’ journeys can often take months or years. The approach here relies heavily on competitive analysis, positioning and differentiation coupled with more advanced audience segmentation and targeting.

FinTech, Financial Services, Insurance

The Financial Sector is obviously impacted by a number of external economic, security and regulatory variables. This means these institutions need to constantly work to build and retain trust with their audience. Mavenray delivers a brand strategy and playbook that provide the scaffolding to build upon.

The 7-step DIY GTM Playbook (that everyone will want to use)

The 7-step DIY GTM Playbook (that everyone will want to use)

Why is GTM so important GTM - or go-to-market - is often how Private Equity prefers to talk about Marketing. It’s more strategic. More sales-centric. Whereas marketing, if we’re being honest, is difficult to have a business-level conversation about. It’s creative,...