A 90-day value creation accelerator on our dime

We’ve taken a look at your portfolio, and we can see a unique opportunity to help you address flat growth. Instead of trying to convince you that we’d make a big impact, we’d like to offer a 90-day trial project.

What we’re going to invest

One of four 90 day pro-bono projects


You’re getting leads but the quality is declining.

You are regularly cutting back on marketing budget.

You’re struggling to see the ROI on marketing.


Marketing Performance

We take a reasonably mature marketing team, isolate opportunities to improve performance, and execute in specific areas. We also provide a playbook for them to continue improvement.



Execute a new campaign to target higher quality leads that are more likely to convert. The marketing team learns how to run ABM campaigns.


Is the pipeline thinning down?

Trying to move further upmarket?

Are you trying to launch a new product or acquisition?


Does sales and marketing seem to be out of sync with each other?

Does it seem like your audience doesn’t ‘get’ what you have to offer?

Is there a leadership transition or gap that could use reinforcement?



Marketing is often taking strategy cues from Sales. They should have more foundational strategies that resemble their upmarket competitors by focusing on market penetration. 


Marketing Performance

Lightweight Commercial DD + VCP. Pre-sale/close. Validate pipeline, market viability, growth potential, level of investment to scale. Provide a 100-day marketing VCP 


Are you struggling to isolate what exactly is leading to flat growth?

Are you considering a big move but could use a different perspective?

Are you thinking about hiring some sales or marketing staff?

“One of our life-sciences portfolio companies was struggling to generate leads for one of its product lines. In a matter of weeks, Mavenray was able to help us tap into alternative strategies that we didn’t realize were even possible.”

Greg Mayer Principal, Argosy Capital

Some of the details

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Work with us to pick a portco that can really impact.

Stay engaged as we execute. Help us stay aligned with your value creation plan.


Invest some time in the up front Discovery so we can get rolling quickly.

Feed us data, and/or provide access to systems so we can get it ourselves.

Be prepared to make some changes to brand, content, ad spend, etc.


One pro-bono 90-day engagement* with one portfolio company as a gesture to prove value, build trust, and identify gaps.

B2B w/20mARR & 5% marketing budget: we typically can get 400K of outsourcing across 5 vendors down to 300k with 2 or 3 (one being Mavenray) with drastically improved results.

Ongoing services across portfolio are then allocated a minimum annual budget, likely a % of total revenue.

We want to partner for the long haul. Which means as we work to build economies of scale across the portfolio, we’ll have an eye for investing in a long term relationship. 


*The services are 100% free for 90 days. We put a rough value of $15,000 on our time and scope accordingly. Expenses are considered above and beyond, and change based on the project selected. For example, the ABM project requires ad spend, but Strategy has little to no additional expenses.

Confidence in our work and the results you’ll see.

Optimization of cost-to-close, which is typically 10-15% of ARR. We’re keeping our investment in pro-bono work under that.

Improved close rate. We only need to build a few relationships with Private Equity firms per year to grow at scale. if we do four pro-bonos we will close three of them as new accounts.

Build trust immediately. Private Equity needs to trust their vendors, especially the ones touching the portfolio. So we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Lower churn. We handpick who we want to work with. This means happier relationships, improved margins, lower churn rates, and great referral sources.

You have a few questions?

Want to see if you qualify for a free project?

What we can accomplish in 90 days

Expand your audience

Reach new audiences, broaden the understanding of existing ones.

Optimize efficiencies

Identify quick fixes in the marketing and sales workflow that can have an immediate impact.

Modernize technique

Upgrade branding, messaging, technologies and technique.

Beyond 90 days: Accelerating Value Creation



Y1:  Optimize efficiency while redirecting budget into digital




Hard to find talent in mid-market. Explore opportunities to consolidate here until a new foundation is set in y1.


Consolidate vendors. Improve efficiencies. Drop rates. Prioritize more intentional strategy-centric work over high-burn/low-return work.


Simplify tech stack. Cut licenses. Optimize process. Work on Sales and Marketing alignment. Prioritize insights over automation for now. 


Allocate larger % of budget to higher-performing digital ad spend as pipeline shows a return. Exponentially amplify other channels, like events.


Lead quality increases as targeted campaigns use data/insights to focus on high-intent audiences.


Higher quality leads will start to close. This will progressively compound YoY.

Download the invite

A simple one-sheet PDF that explains the offer to your firm concisely. Feel free to pass this along to your peers and get some consensus before we setup our first conversation.

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