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We help Private Equity firms find intentional ways to use marketing as a lever for growth, while positioning their firm as an innovative leader.

Office of the CMO

“…we have to re-think our targets account list, where we should focus, and what areas we should put our marketing, sales and customer success muscle.”

Latane Conant, CMO, 6Sense (Insight Partners)

Expand operations team capabilities while improving alignment with portfolio leadership, enabling economies of scale and fluid data-driven decision-making.

This essentially amounts to a Marketing Center of Excellence, or what we call the Office of the CMO.  We help you raise the bar for brand, marketing and really revenue-generation across your portfolio. This includes:

Temporary staff aug
Fractional leadership
Optimization support
Sophisticated strategic planning
Insource/team ops
Centralized tech stack

Why would Private Equity want this?

For a fraction of the net cost of new marketing hires across the portfolio, we can not only ‘fill in’ to support those needs, but more importantly establish a framework for growth moving forward that the entire portfolio collectively refines.

New marketing hires for each portco are folded into a high-performing model. Their roles are more intentional with a higher ARR per FTE than the typical hire. 

Resources/support are provided to the Portcos at discounted rates. Including technology like Hubspot. 

This model stays in place as new Portcos join the family.

The PE firm has a new major differentiator when deal sourcing.

Due Diligence

To cash in, Javice decided to lie…Including lying about Frank’s success, Frank’s size and the depth of Frank’s market penetration.

Lawsuit filing, JPMorgan vs. Frank

Marketing or Commercial Due Diligence is about assessing the potential for growth and realities of revenue. 

Business Plan – A Business Plan will often unrealistically forecast potential growth. We help look at this from a market viability perspective. Will the product be relevant in three years? Will the GTM enable scale? What risks and hurdles could shift this trajectory?

Marketing Strategy – How do they approach marketing, and does it drive not just revenue, but brand and product refinement? Is there a clear GTM that supports a clear vision? Is it more reactive? Is it properly funded/budgeted? How is success measured?

Competitive Assessment – Both aspirational and direct competitors are reviewed and compared, helping establish a more realistic view into the market.

Customers/Pipeline – Typically we’re here to validate the revenue.  Are the clients real, where is LTV and CAC, how does churn and retention track? Pipeline should have a balance of upsells and net new.

Leadership / Vision – The granularity of leadership, the clarity of vision, and the ability to grab market share – is key.

Business Development

If you can get a system in place that assures the content you’re distributing complies – and your intentions are ethical – then you’re really ahead of the game

Jon Pielak  – CEO Mavenray

Deal flow and fundraising. Your BD efforts can get amplified through highly targeted digital marketing, conveying thought leadership and value as brand positioning grows razor-sharp.

Branding – PE firms typically manifest their brand as clones of one another. Navy blue power suits, hero images of skyscrapers, infographics. They all look and feel the same. Which means your PE firm has an opportunity to distinguish itself and separate from the pack. 

ABM – Account Based or Relationship Based Marketing. Most Private Equity, Venture Capital and Family Offices have niche audiences which are often hard to reach. Referrals have long been the source, but now more innovative tactics are required. ABM helps your firm isolate targets and formulate curated campaigns meant to resonate.

SEC Marketing Rule Compliance – Each PE firm we deal with has its own process for communicating with current investors, prospective investors and the public. What we’d like to offer is a potentially more structured methodology that assures you’re balancing demand, awareness and compliance perfectly.

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