Creating new standards of excellence for marketing performance

Top line

Elevate your portfolio company’s performance with robust top-line growth strategies. By focusing on increasing revenue through innovative product launches, strategic partnerships, and targeted market expansion, we aim to drive sustained and substantial revenue growth. Our data-driven approach ensures that your portfolio company not only captures existing market opportunities but also identifies and capitalizes on emerging trends, positioning it for long-term success and enhanced valuation.

Cost efficiency

Drive operational excellence and enhance profitability by optimizing cost efficiency throughout the value chain. Our focus on data analytics, process streamlining, and resource optimization ensures that marketing investments generate the highest return on investment. By identifying cost-effective channels, refining marketing campaigns based on performance metrics, and leveraging technology for automation, we help your portfolio company achieve a lean and efficient marketing operation. The result is not only a more cost-effective marketing strategy but also improved overall business efficiency, contributing to sustained growth and increased investor returns.

Market Penetration

Unlock untapped market potential with strategic market penetration strategies. Through targeted market research and analysis, we identify key growth segments and devise comprehensive plans to penetrate and capture market share. Our team will leverage digital and traditional channels to effectively reach and engage your target audience, ensuring a more extensive market reach and increased customer acquisition. Whether entering new geographic regions or expanding within existing markets, our tailored approach maximizes penetration for optimal results.

Brand equity

Strengthening brand equity is pivotal to creating lasting market impact. Our marketing initiatives will concentrate on building a distinctive and resonant brand identity for your portfolio company, enhancing customer loyalty, and fostering positive perceptions. By crafting compelling brand narratives, implementing consistent messaging across channels, and deploying engaging campaigns, we aim to establish a robust and enduring brand presence that will not only attract new customers but also instill confidence in existing ones.

Accelerating Value Creation



Y1:  Optimize efficiency while redirecting budget into digital




Hard to find talent in mid-market. Explore opportunities to consolidate here until a new foundation is set in y1.


Consolidate vendors. Improve efficiencies. Drop rates. Prioritize more intentional strategy-centric work over high-burn/low-return work.


Simplify tech stack. Cut licenses. Optimize process. Work on Sales and Marketing alignment. Prioritize insights over automation for now. 


Allocate larger % of budget to higher-performing digital ad spend as pipeline shows a return. Exponentially amplify other channels, like events.



Lead quality increases as targeted campaigns use data/insights to focus on high-intent audiences.


Higher quality leads will start to close. This will progressively compound YoY.