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B2B Marketing that drives outcomes and value creation

Most of your portfolio companies are probably facing challenges in boosting their revenue. Branding paves the way for marketing, which in turn generates demand and fills the pipeline. We collaborate closely with the investment team and portfolio company to pinpoint areas requiring attention and swiftly develop tailored programs to tackle them.

Levers we pull

Pipeline flourishes with powerful, precise digital marketing strategies stemming from a proven go-to-market approach.

Expanding market penetration by using data-driven targeting, brand development, and demand generation boosts growth.

Expanding margins through automation, reducing media spends, and minimizing experimentation.

Common scenarios

Branding for an M&A or Carve Out

When businesses merge or separate to form something new, brands must be reshaped. Branding is essential to lay a strong foundation for growth that staff, clients, and the market can wholeheartedly support.

Extend a VCP to include GTM

When a fund brings on a new acquisition, they often use 100-day VCP plans. Some sponsors give specific instructions, while others take a more hands-off approach. We assist in various scenarios by either designing a structured framework that matches your current methods or crafting a personalized playbook for each individual acquisition.

Launch a new product, service or region

New products and services, or expansion into entirely new regions, will require a more strategic approach to market penetration. This is particularly true for portfolio companies that ‘stay in their lane’, unaccustomed to dramatic growth moves.

Rename a new venture

 This is at the heart of identity, and the most critical step to building a brand. Naming, when positioned well, can streamline many of the steps that drive demand and lead generation.  

Implement Hubspot

As a Hubspot partner, we’re able to fully implement, optimize and manage Sales, Marketing CMS and Service Hubs…the full ecosystem that sets the stage for automation. 

Get meetings with big logos

Targeting audiences with strong intentions boosts the effectiveness of demand and lead generation. Employing ABM (account-based marketing) strategies can enhance market expansion and broaden your range of clients.

Sample GTM

Use our free, sample go-to-market template that we use with a number of our clients to get them started from ground zero. It covers all the basics, including budget, pricing and audience segmentation.

Project profiles

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Portco: Commercial HVAC
ARR: $25mm
Phase: Early growth, Carve-out

The 100 day VCP came and went with limited success, and no real impact on GTM.  This was a carve-out, so brand, GTM and ops were still getting their legs under them. We conducted an assessment, built a marketing playbook, and began rolling out targeted ABM campaigns to reach high-growth prospects immediately.

Key results

3 new key accounts accounting for 8% increase in ARR

New GTM and Brand strategies which drastically cut down on transition time as broader strategic vision was shaping up

Focused on high-intent customer acquisition, decreasing CAC over a 6mo period by 80%


Portco: Professional/Tech Services
ARR: $30mm
Phase: Growth. Add-on. 


Established 20 yr old technology consulting firm with brand equity, but mostly referred book of work in a specific sector. The sponsor was looking to expand their footprint through M&A and GTM. We helped assess the new add-on for commercial viability, worked on a transition GTM playbook, and led a comprehensive rebrand to set the stage for exposure with new audiences.

Key Results

New implementation of Hubspot and automated motions

New website on Hubspot’s CMS featuring real-time user-level reporting and insights. This helped to rapidly inform the audience segmentation and GTM, minimizing research costs and lost experimentation time.

Narrowed audience segmentation increased conversions by 250% and decreased media spend by 50%

Portco: Enterprise SaaS
ARR: $15mm
Phase: Post-acquisition

Innovative niche AI-based technology built for software engineers of large enterprises. Numerous hurdles to overcome, including competitive landscape, procurement hurdles, and high barrier to entry. Most of their pipeline was filled with downmarket buyers, leading to high churn and flat growth. We helped adjust the GTM to focus on a niche upmarket cohort that had a less complex buyer’s journey, and worked on targeted – more curated – outreach to engage them.

Key Results

Organic and paid search optimization driving 4x demo requests with a new buyer segment

CAC decreased by 25% as a result of global marketing performance optimizations

Operational improvements across marketing and rev ops helped decrease data loss and time to close



Primarily due-diligence support, assessing & validating commercial viability


100-day value creation planning. We help with onboarding and aligning organic growth strategies.


We work with portco leadership on executing 100-day plans, and building momentum over the holding period.


Boost performance. Clean up data and insights. Elevate brand equity.

One of our portfolio companies was struggling to generate leads for one of its product lines. In a matter of weeks, Mavenray was able to help us tap into alternative strategies that we didn’t realize were even possible.

Greg Mayer, Principal, Argosy Capital

The 7-step DIY GTM Playbook (that everyone will want to use)

The 7-step DIY GTM Playbook (that everyone will want to use)

Why is GTM so important GTM - or go-to-market - is often how Private Equity prefers to talk about Marketing. It’s more strategic. More sales-centric. Whereas marketing, if we’re being honest, is difficult to have a business-level conversation about. It’s creative,...